Dating a stripper, never thought that would happen lol. need advice!!!!

Ok we have been dating about a month now. She has been a waitress at a strip club before, but always talked about how bad she feels for the girls that have to strip. So she's been waiting on a loan from school which hasn't come in yet, and she's been job searching a ton, I've taken her to a few places for interviews myself.

So today she tells me she has no choice and she's disgusted with herself but she decided to start stripping to pay her bills for this month. She said she needs enough to pay the electric (tomorrow) and to pay for rent and tuition by august first. She said after that she's going to try to find a new job.

So here I am... dating a strripper, and I never thought I would be. When she told me I was kinda upset, but not nearly as much as I thought.

I guess I'm looking for advise on uhhhhh how to decide if I'm going to be OK with this and be able to handle it? I mean if she is OK with stripping for money... what else is she ganna do? can stripping for $$ turn into an addiction cause its so easy to make fast cash? should I worry about anything else or watch out for anything? I know someone out there has had stripper friends or girlfriends... or even stripped themselves... what should I expect?


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  • I would have the same problem with the situation as you do: "if she is OK with stripping for money... what else is she gonna do? Can stripping for $$ turn into an addiction cause its so easy to make fast cash?"

    I'd have an additional problem: "If she's or gets used to the kind of money earned in the branch, how will she regard less earning people in a "straight job?" (I talked over the Internet with a few women having that kind of job (not striptease) and that kind of income and when they heard what a teacher's or a banker's salary is they laughed and considered themselves quite a lot "smarter".


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  • you only become addicted to what you like... yes it's easier to make money, she has a lot of money problems and the crisis is worst than's understandable. Just wait and see..

  • I've known a few, for them it was just a job nothing more.

    Most men can't deal with it and that's understandable. But you have to look at the situation and decide that one for yourself. No one else can.

    • Well honestly if I were in her shoes and I had the option to strip. I would have done it. I have an open mind and I'm not too upset by the idea... just never dealt with the situation before so I'm I guess trying to prep myself for anything that might happen.... hopefully all goes well =P we will see?

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  • Awesome. I tip well, what club? I won't touch during lapdances either... promise. Schwing.

    • Lol thanks for the advise? the club she's stipping at sounds pretty badass though.... they got hookahs that you can rent out, its BYOB so you don't spend a sh*tton of cash on booze, and all they play is rock.

    • Sounds like... heaven? I am from the northeast where its $10 to just even get in. $7 beers, mandatory tipping or they throw you out.. etc.

    • Ouch! I went to one strip club 3 years ago.... spent a dollar lmao. Maybe I can work it to my advantage and get free dances from her friends lmao. I mean... if I'm OK with her stripping should she be OK with me getting dances? lol