Why is he so distant?

me and my boyfriend have been going out for a little more then 3 months now and lately he's been kinda distant, not necessarily when we're together but like when I call to see if he wants to hang out he just says he doesn't know or his parents are coming home late so its probably not a good idea you know like he doesn't want to put any effort towards it, and he never calls me I'm always the one who calls him even when he says he's gonna call he never does. why?


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  • sorry to say this, but it could probably mean that he's not interested anymore. because he doesn't call you, he's always making up excuses when you call him to hang out.it just seems weird.and to say he's your boyfriend; he should at least make some effort to call you and hang out with you.just talk to him about it and ask him what's going on.hope I helped hun

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