Hard to get or impossible to get?

I had a great first date with this girl. We were making out by the end of the night. The next day I texted her and she was really slow to respond. I texted her again the following day and no response. That was 2 days ago. I'm not sure what happened because she was glowing when we parted ways 3 nights ago. Should I wait a few days and call her or is she telling me to stay away?


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  • Why didn't you take it further? Nothing is set in solid stone until you have sex with a girl and its important to progress the relationship as far as you can before you hit a wall, If I had a penny for every girl I made out with that did not return my calls the next day...

    Once you have sex you can pretty much relax but making out with a girl doesn't mean anything

    • Thanks for responding. Should I brush it off or try to give her a call in a few days?

    • That's a very hard question. You need to find a middle ground between not focusing on one girl and taking the opportunity when its there. If you feel like this girl is taking up too much of your energy then move on, if you have another girl lined up around the corner then you can make a move, its hard to say from where I'm sitting exactly what to do...

  • I would give it a couple of days. You never know it could be anything. Maybe she's super busy. That's happened to me & a week later she called me & asked why I didn't call her because apparentely she didn't get my message. How did she sound when you talked to her the next day, after the slow response?

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