What is this girl's intentions?

A girl of about 19-21yrs old who has recently moved into the apartment opposite me was out posting leaflets for her company tonight (12 July 2010.) I'm 95% sure she is single as she lives alone.

I had texted her earlier today arranging to meet up with her tomorrow to discuss her products and she put a few :), lol & x in the messages.

She has seen me walk by before and I've caught her glancing at me a lot.

Tonight as she was passing my apartment, she was with her friend and she gave me this long, direct glance as she passed (almost like she went out her way to do it!)

She has texted me 3 times now and has asked a few questions about what I'm up to tonight etc, that kinda thing!

I am 23yr old male, and just wanna know if she is flirting with me or fancies me?



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  • from what I have read she deff thinks your at least attractive and wants to hang out and get to know you


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  • shes flirting with you especially if she asking your plans for the night and going out of her way to stare at u

  • I agree, her wanting to get to know you can only be a good thing. Go have fun with her, if you can find out some of her interests invite her to go bowling or see a concert or something. It definitely looks good though!

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