Why do some guys like to date two girls at the same time?

i've been seeing this guy for 3 months. Its not been going well for a week.and then I found out today that he's dating a different girl. to think that I just ended our relationship yesterday.


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  • A lot of guys have self esteem issues. They tend to hate themselves, and that motivates a lot of this type of behavior you are talking about.

    In this scenario, it appears that he was already lining up this new girl after the first day of your relationship going bad.

    This is why I believe that people under the age of 25 shouldn't even consider long term relationships, because most people, guys and girls, in that age range are not ready for that commitment. Not just from the stand point of clicking with a person, but the outside problems that will enter in from time to time, the inexperience in dealing with complex relationship issues, the lack of working under pressure, and most importantly, at that age, people are still growing into adulthood, and their values and ethics and morals change so rapidly, pretty soon that person they got engaged to after six months sickens them because in that time they have a new view of life, and the other person has a different one.

    At this age, I wouldn't stress on this issue too much. Don't take it lying down, definitely discontinue knowing the guy, but don't let it form an opinion of guys. Like I said, in that age range there is so much growing up still happening.

    Just relax, enjoy what you can, and don't let the stupid stuff hurt you. You will find the right one out there.


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  • Guys like that aren't into commitment more than likely. They want to be with someone but also want to continue to see what's out there. And as they find something better they'll drop what they already have. Good for you to get out before you got even more hurt.

  • Maybe because they want what both girls have to offer, one makes up for what the other doesn't have or they are afraid to be alone and are thinking that one of the girls are going to leave him. Or they could just have huge egos and be an asshole. some do it because they don't think the girls will find out. Either way its still wrong because that's considered cheating.

  • OMG I believe guys get bored easily that's y they cheat

    idk y though they lose interest on something after awhile

    girls are still trying to find out y though

    maybe he wanted to have more attention

    maybe you we're to busy for him or something and he wanted to get ur attention and wanted ur love but you didn't respond back so he wanted someone else to show him and give back his love