I have been dating this girl for 4 months. She is 18 in November, and I turned 23 three weeks ago.

The thing I'm concerned about is the age gap.I never really thought about it until I turned 23!We are both crazy about one another and she is very mature.She is not a minor where I'm from or anything like that but should I wait until she is 18 when it won't seem as bad?Or should I just be worried all together!I don't want to be!


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  • Don't be worried about the age gap. If you say she's a mature 18 year old, then 'chances are' she will keep communication lines open. This is very important and essential in a relationship. But keep in mind, she will evolve. Just remember to be supportive and allow her space to blossom. Avoid being too smothering and inflexible. She will eventually grow to resent you as a result of feeling too suffocated. If you can love and support her while allowing her room to grow, then the lines of communication will always be open...and the relationship will ALWAYS remain fruitful, especially in your favor!

    -Good Luck!

  • honestly I wouldn't want to date a 17/18 year old and I'm 22 now. Where would you go to hang out? They can't buy alcohol or go into 21 and up clubs. But if you like her and you guys are already together I don't see a point of waiting until she's 18. So just stay together.

    • Thanks for your comment,plus I'm from ireland where you can go to clubs when you are 18 which she already does so its not too bad we can hang out that way too!

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