Does She Want To Date Or Not?

She's in her mid-20s.

We started fooling around a week ago (we were flirting lots before that). We went on a couple of dates, hung out, fooled around more, and then she said things went too fast and she just "wants us to hang out".

She was sending emails and texts several times every day up until she said that.

But as we said goodbye she was ready for a kiss (standing real close, eyes looking up at me, face close to mine).but I hugged her instead because she said she only wanted to hang out.

She's shy and not good at communicating her feelings, so does she mean she wants to still date? "Hanging out" means no.wanting a kiss means yes.

Either way, I like her a lot. I want us to date but it takes two.


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  • i think what she wants is a casual dating type.she doesn't want to fool around all the time and she wants someone to hold and kiss play by her rules and play cool.

    good luck babe x


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  • It's no good applying your explanations to someone else's words. Especially as you've stated she isn't too good at communication. By your description of events, "hang out" means "take things slowly". It takes 2, but people are like jigsaw pieces, if she's bad a communicating, that means the other person, i,e. you, have to bridge the gap.

  • yea it definitely sounds like she wanted a kiss so I would think she want to date.