Any first date advice?

So I went out to eat with a friend of mine and we saw these 3 guys she went to elementary school with one and she didn’t realize till he started talking to us he seemed cool she had a huge crush on him back then so it was nice one of the guys was his brother a lot cuter but really shy didn’t really say anything her crush gave her his number and he was like one can call me too but I was like no I’m taken and he was like oh (I’m not) she called him and she made up some fight I had with “my boyfriend” and how we broke up so he invited both of us to the movies this Friday (his bros coming too) and it’s been about 6 months since I’ve been in a relationship and way longer since I’ve had a first date any tips? advice? Anythings appreciated


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  • take your time getting ready you have to look awesome on something new get your hair done spend time on your make-up.and let him come to you!

    good luck x


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