Where should I meet women? Why?

I've been to the library, classes, the gym, bars and clubs, and even political rallies. All with little success.

Where should I go to meet women? Bars and clubs? The library? Where?

Please list your reason why.

*For the record, the last girl I dated was someone I met at an outdoor presidential campaign rally.

* I'm not a religious person, so church is not an option

  • Bars and Clubs
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  • The library and/or classroom
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  • The Supermarket or some kind of store
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  • I don't know
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  • I want to see the results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • you should have "Other".

    bars / clubs seem like a nice idea...if you're only looking for a good time.

    the library / classroom could work if you had to have a partner or something

    or you needed to call them for "help" lol

    but the library is a time of peace and a time to study

    the store is a little ify...

    when you mentioned the rally,

    that seemed like a good one

    because you'd meet someone with similar interests

    so my advice is to go to more events or gatherings like that one :]


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What Girls Said 1

  • Talking to a girl at your school is a great way


What Guys Said 1

  • Meet them at the places you like to go. If you like going to the library meet someone there, because you'll probably share an interest in reading. If you like going to the supermarket, either because you like to cook or just like food, the girl you meet there that wants to talk probably will too. Same goes for a bar, honestly I don't know why everyone seems to be of the opinion that only skanks go out to bars. I go out with female friends all the time and wouldn't consider them the type that are only looking for a good time.