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Breaking up with promiscious girlfriend. Where to find a more suitable mate?

Promiscuity is for me engaging in sexual contact with people outside a relationship aka sleeping around while single

My now girlfriend of 4 months told me after i asked her about her sexual past that she had 8 sexual partners, most of them casual sex. I asked because i had to know who she is, what values she has and if we are compitable before i would engage with her in sexual contact. Unfortunatly i found out that we are not compitable and that our values differ very much. I never wanted to have sex without a relationship, god i wouldn't even kiss someone without relationship, and had 2 sex partners in my life, both were long term relationship and i loved both deeply when i had sex with them.

I am in no way jealous. I dont want to have more than 5 sexpartners in my entire life because more than 7 is too much for me, thats why im extremly picky with people whom i allow to touch me. Therefore one can't talk from jealousy if someone dont want to have it.
I am not insecure because i have lots more experience in bed than she and i know for sure i am awesome in bed, afterall my exes have enjoyed it quite a lot. Therefore i know that her little tiny ons and friends with benefits could never measure up to me, afterall they couldnt learn what she likes and could only do "in and out"

My both exes had exactly the same attitudes towards sex as me. Thats why i hope to find a girl with my values or else i couldnt be together with her.
Even if i like my girlfriend a lot i decided that she won't be compitable with me in the future once the rose-coloured-glasses wear off and therefore i will break up with her. I hope she will find someone who accrpts her and i hope i find a partner for me.

Yes, i judge her. But you need to understand that i dont see her in any way worse than me, its just that i dont see her as someone i want to spend the rest of my life with.
Now i learned to ask these questions earlier inorder to prevent wasting my time.

Where should i seek a woman with similar values?
Breaking up with promiscious girlfriend. Where to find a more suitable mate?
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