Is it right to make a guy choose between the girls he says he wants to be with?

we broke up and he says he just didn't want to cheat on me with someone else. we are still friends and talk and occasionally make out when I go over... he says he still wants to be with me he just doesn't want to cheat and its cause of the distance. yet he is perfectly fine with cheating on another girl with me... recently he told me he was gonna stay single and he wanted everything to remain the same with us... but I got a message from the girl that's friends with him, and she said that he doesn't go out with another girl.. which means when he's kissing me he's cheating on her, but I didn't know... he says he loves me and wants us to be together, but we rarely see each other...

is it OK if I make him choose between the two girls he says he wants to be with? and pick which one is a friend and which one is more? or is that the wrong thing to do?


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  • tough situation. really if he can cheat on that girl than he will prob cheat on you too. He is not worth your time. But if you really do want him then maybe its best to tell him that you don't wanna go and the way you are and just distance yourself from him. Don't even talk to him for a week or two, this time will make him think about you and realize true feelings. If you go on as you r, nothing is gonna change. He just knows that you are always there. But what happens when all of a sudden you are not there? He will panic and THINK about what he wants. If he doesn't come back to you after say a month, then it is for the best. Why would you wanna be with someone like him? He is a cheater. You need to really make him think about his feelings and realize what he wants.