Guys, I need your input. And girls too!

I have been texting this guy I like for about three weeks and he knows I like him and he said 'sure' he likes me too. Okay first of all... What is 'sure' supposed to mean? It seem really hesitant to me. But anyways, we live a couple of hours away from each other so we can't see each other (I can't drive now but I will be able to in 3 months). So we kind of just left it at that.

I know guys are not always the best texters and don't always really like it and I can tell mine doesn't because he apparently is more chatty when it's not in text or written form. So I think we would both have better conversations over the phone... I don't know how to tell him this though. How can I let him know that I would be good with him calling me a couple times a week or so? I would call him first but I don't want to surprise him and make things awkward by throwing him off his guard.


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  • Haha, ah you are over-analyzing the situation. "Sure" means YES I LIKE YOU BACK. What else was he supposed to say? "Of course?" If I were a guy, I would think saying "Of course" as opposed to "sure" would be a lot more daring and might raise some red flags. It'd be like saying "OF COURSE I LIKE YOU BACK SO GIVE ME A TIME AND A PLACE, GIRL!"

    There doesn't need to be anything awkward about getting him to call you. EVERY guy will respond well if a girl they like shows interest in them, as long as it doesn't sound desperate, which I think you'll have no problem with. Try to be playful about it. An example would be this;

    Your text: Heyyy, want to chat?

    His text: Sure

    *You call him*

    He says: Hello?

    You say: Well hello... you said you wanted to chat >=3.

    And then at the end of the conversation, say something complimentary, like "It was great finally talking on the phone with you. Feel free to call me any time."

    • Hahahahahahhahaha thank you:) that helped alot

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  • well I have an idea but it involves a tiny bit of lying, just a small one but it might turn out to be very helpful...maybe.

    anyways so you tell him that you can't text anymore. say that either your parents said so and took texting off of your plan or the phone company did or whatever but you can't text for a week. tell him that the only way you could talk to him is by calling. that way he can expect a call from you and then you can have a good conversation and maybe he will like calling more than texting and you could always have a better convo.

    if your not comfortable with lying like that then just try to stay good friends for 3 more months until you can drive and then engage in a relationship.

    (p.s. sure probably means yes but he doesn't want to come on too strong I thiiink)

    • I'm sorry for disagreeing but lying is never good. <3 Just My Thoughts <3

    • No I agree!!! I don't think lying is ever good or right it was just an idea (ha not a very good one! but still) :))

  • I would text him and ask if he could call you and ask a question or bring up something. He needs to make an effort to, and if he doesn't than he's not worth it.