How do I really know what he means what he says?

Me and my boyfriend are not allow to date...our parents don't allow it. Monday the 19th will be out one month, and I've told all my friends about us, but he's only told one of his friends. I don't know whether or not to be worried or not, if he's ashamed of me or if he's just doesn't trust his other friends, or if he's just lying about him liking me so much. the last time we went to the movies he tried to feel me up and I pulled away and yelled at him. later I asked him what color my eyes were, he didn't know. BUT he knew what cup size I am...I'm his first girlfriend...i don't know whether to stay with this or just give!


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  • You should ask him these things. Tell him that it hurt your feelings when he knew what your bra size was but didn't know what color your eyes were. As for the not telling his friend...I know I didn't tell my parents for a long time about my boyfriend and because I didn't want them to know I also didn't tell my friends because I though it might get out to them. Ask him about these things though! If he takes it seriously when you ask then you'll know.


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  • He sounds like he has a lot of growing up to do. You both likely do.

    Its your choice. The way you describe this guy does not come off flattering on him. This was your description of him which suggests your not best pleased with this guy (at best) and at worst you think little of this person.

    If you are at a point where you can choose to like him or not. I woud suggest choosing not to and see what comes next. Right now he doesn't sound like he would be a big loss.


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