Scared to ask me out?

Why won't he text me back when I ask about hanging out or sometimes won't text back at all?

I work with a guy, he's 18, he always smiles and laughs at my jokes. He seems like he likes me and a few people I work with says that he flirts back with me. He ended up getting a girlfriend a couple months ago and then told me she was to clingy so he was going to break up with her, which he did. I was kind of mad when he got a Girlfriend and tried not to talk to him but I ended up giving in. We always talk and he smiles and jokes with me and we kind of tease each other. So my friend told me to ask him to go to the beach and he said maybe he could go. So I got his phone number and texted him and he texted back twice, but when I asked about hanging out he didn't really respond. I asked him if he wanted to do something last weekend and he said that he was grounded because he didn't mow the lawn and it was until Friday that he was grounded. We were supposed to go to the beach Thursday which would make it out of the question seeing that he was grounded. I texted him tonight and said I hope I'm not annoying you by texting you and be honest with me if you don't want me to text you, he said he doesn't have his phone on him all the time and that it was fine for me to text him. I told him to go online and talk to me and he told me he was at a friends house, but he just told me he was grounded. So I don't really get what's going on. I told him to call or text me whenever he wants, but he doesn't text me first it's always me texting him. He's a very friendly person and smiles at everyone but it feels different when he talks to me because he always smiles at my jokes or at me when he sees me, but just seems distant when I suggest hanging out or not texting back when I text him. Can someone let me know what I should do and why he might be acting like this? Is he scared or shy? And a kid I work with said right in front of him tell everyone he likes "nicole but is afraid to ask her out", which he doesn't like her at all, do you think his friend was giving me clues about him and he may be scared to ask me out. Please let me know. Thanks.


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  • Smash your phone with a hammer.

    Walk up to him.

    And initiate a conversational process.

    (This is much easier than worrying about unanswered texts.)

    If he says he doesn't have his phone with him all the time, he probably isn't lying to you.

    Additionally, guys aren't good with the subtle stuff. You have to be direct with him, otherwise you will never get anywhere with this guy.

    • Yeah that's very true. I asked some other guy I work with to hang out right in front of him and then the person in charge told him he could punch out because it was 10 and he usually says see yeah later or byebye, but he just walked upstairs and looked a little mad ,then came out and started walking to his car through the other door without saying anything so I said bye nick and he said later kim so I don't know if he was pissed or wat, because usually he always says byebye to me. you think maybe he's jealous?

    • Ooh hey, first off, Kim's my name too! :D

      And yeah, he probably was jealous, that's not a good thing to do to guys, they get really super sensitive about that.

  • i mean you are obviously sending him signals but he is still keeping distance , maybe he enjoys hanging out with you but not more then that, and he doesn't want it to get awkward at work if it doesn't work our between you 2 because it will be very awkward. that's my take , he enjoys hanging out with you but maybe not willing to take a risk on more then this!