Revealing things?

What's the one thing that a girl shouldn't say to a guy? And vice versa?

Either on a first date or in general.


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  • Hello,

    Try not to talk about emotional walls that you have.. men by nature try to solve problems and were agressive... for example if you tell a guy that other man youve dates would chase you and chase you and as soon as you felt like you could go to them they disapeard.. they may respond by tryong to hard to be there for you which can make things wierd..

    by the time youve got about 6 months of dating in and you can say your in a relationship THEN talk about that kind of stuff.. becouse at that point you have each other..

    Good Luck



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  • Neither one should say anything that reveals too much negativity in their personal life or reveal something that could potentially be seen as "unattractive." I'm not saying that people should hide their quirks, but no one needs to know about your parents' baby mama drama and how you have a whale fetish on the first date. Wait until your relationship is strengthened to the point where your partner will love you no matter what instead of revealing it all at a point where you could be judged.

  • dont tell too much of your business like about guys that you are dating..he might assume and think that you're easy