Am I annoying him?

Okay, so I met this guy online. He lives in Argentina, so I learn new things from over there whenever I chat/talk to him. He did admit to me he was very sensitive. He usually starts the conversations and gets online everyday. There's times where he gets on during work. We've been on cam a few several times and always asks me to get on and most of the times I make up an excuse. I've been talking to him for almost a month now, but lately he's been getting off. And I'm starting to worry, if I annoy him. I get excited when he's on so I sometimes start the conversation. There were times when I would get on during his work hours and he would get off. Am I just overreacting? He's just not the same like other guys. He's never said anything sexual. It's hard to tell if he likes me or not.


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  • Partial reinforcement is more effective than total reinforcement.

    Being on cam ``sometimes'' is hard on him.

    He's special --- not like other guys.

    He likes you, you like him. What more is there to say?

    You'll be glad if you are enthusiastic about this relationship.


    • I'm glad you answered.

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  • Argentina? Seriously? Does it matter if he likes you? Do you live in South America? If not - your chances of meeting this guy are zero.. What do you care how he feels about you or if you are annoying him? Please meet someone in your OWN twon. Makes dating a whole lot easier. That's all your "relationship" wil ever be with this guy.. ONLINE CHATTING when he's bored. He's getting off because he's losing interest and may have met someone else. Good luck, Sweetie.. Too many guys NEAR you who would love to talk to you. Please find one! ~Good luck! You will be much happier and able to DATE him!