My boyfriend is a good guy but I really don't think he is the guy for me.

Here is my situation: I am living with my current boyfriend of two years. We have a one year old together. I began dating him right after I broke up with my ex of five years. I have been feeling very depressed because I knew I wasn't completely over my ex yet. I was going to break up with him early in our relationship but then I found out that I was pregnant. I been doing everything I can to make our relationship work but when it comes down to it our personalities just clash. Its at the point where I do not even like having conversations with him. I'm not attracted to him physically anymore as well. I have been feeling so depressed because I only have myself to blame for being in the situation that I am in. Now that I have a child I feel the best thing for my child is having both parents in the home even if I feel so unhappy. My boyfriend is a good guy but I really don't think he is the guy for me. I don't know what to do because I want things to be right for my child but I secretly feel like I'm dying inside. Can anyone please give me advice because I am so lost right now.


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  • Two parents in the home is irrelevant if both are unhappy. It's like a poison and neither of you can give your child the love and affection your child needs if you're marred in a depression. So the real question is if you and your boyfriend broke up, would he still be around? Because it's not having two parents under the same roof or even sleeping in the same bed that supports a child. It's having both parents present as parents.

    It's very brave of you to want to sacrifice your emotional happiness for your child and it's an unenviable decision you have to make. But speaking as a child of divorce, what hurt me the most wasn't that my parents split. It's that my dad moved away and I only saw him on holidays. There will be times, especially as your child gets older, where choosing between your own happiness and your child's will seem impossible. But this isn't one of those times. If you can each support your child on a single income as opposed to a two-income home, then you should either find a way to your own happiness.


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  • ok here is what you do . dump him! . my parents are divorced and I know what it feels like. but anyway . leave him and find someone else better . there is someone out there that will love you and your baby and you will love him.