Is he just confused?

I went out with some guy from school on Monday evening. I do really like him. Well, date was started with really warm hug. We were together 4 hours and all that time had something to talk about. We just had a great time and we laugh a lot.

And here are things that make me know that he likes me...

During the chat he told me that I have beautiful eyes, that I am pretty (not directly, like... " yeah what did you think, so pretty girl like you everyone..."), with no reason we started to tickling each other and finished with hand in hand, when we were sitting on bench in the park and I started to tickling him again he just squeezed to me... (It was really cute)

On the main market was some show that evening and we stopped to see what's going on. And while we were watching the show I put my head on his shoulder and he hug me with one hand (but just for few seconds and than he withdrew the hand) and some similar stuff...

But however I didn't gather enough courage to kiss him...

Well when we were saying good bay we hug, he lifted me up and when he put me down on the floor he gave me a kiss quite close to the mount.

Huh, only one thing was strange. When we were outside he said to me that he'll take me to the seaside for one day after having obtained a license for a car. This will be in September. "And then we could go out in November again , when I'll not have so much to learn.." Well this was weird because if he likes me why is he planning to se me on that time distance?

And then on Tuesday, day after we went out I send him a message just with kiss (:*) and than I received a message with " ha ha did you drink something heh? :P"

I am wondering what's wrong.. Is he just shy?

Well I do really believe that he likes me...

What should I do? :( Please help...

Thanks for answers! :)))


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  • Hey Lorii,

    Thanks for the wall post :)

    In relation to the time distance between meetings it sounds like he respects the fact that you are still studying and may be busy. Maybe you should just mention the dates you are available?

    Now to answer your main questions. From what you say it would certainly appear that he likes you and holds you in esteem. There are dfinite signs of flirting so it would appear that he wants more. Well, that was the case right up until you mentioned about his text response. Meh I'm confused by his response myself... however you didn't say what your message to him read? He may not be refering to the kiss that you sent but something else that you wrote?

    The other point is that he may have thought you sent the kiss in error and wanted confirmation that it was in fact for him. . . . but then if you really think about it you haven't exactly made a secret of the fact that you like him by the way you act around him. Therefore the only conclusion to the text response that I can think of, barring the information about the message you sent him is that he is proabably leading you on.

    How old is this guy?

    • He's 18 since this Tuesday. We both're visiting the same high school and we know each other since October when we both were on school excursion.

      In message I didn't write anything else except kiss. Actually I sent him a simbol :* (wich means kiss) so his response couldn't refering on anything else except that simbol.

      By the way, thanks for answer! :D

    • Hmmm. Maybe he doesn't know what the symbol means? If I received that I wouldn't know what it was and I could easily think you were drunk or sat on your phone lol :)

      Looking at your picture I'm sure any guy would be crazy not to be interested so I would try to find out if he knows what :* means.

    • Yes,he knows,everyone in our country knows what :* means.

      On Tuesday I was on the seaside so I just sent him a message for his birthday and in the end I wrote that I'll take him on beer next week if I be on his location. Well his response was very short just: "thanks, have fun" nothing like: "see ya next week" or whateva.

      I don't know. I want to go on beer with him, I want more socializing with him but I am scared that I am act annoying..

      Maybe the reason is that he is too lazy for everything :(

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  • Hey there Lorii. I just want to start off by saying I love that name, ha ha my first girlfriends name :) Very pretty. Anyways, I think this guy is just quite shy because he knows he can't do much for you without a car. Because with the car it opens up a lot more possibilities and more time together. And with the texting, don't try to take anything in texting very serious. I used to do the same thing and the problem with texting, you can take things in many different ways and tones in your mind you know? So I think the best way for you to know what's going through his head is, next time you are together, subtly tell him how you feel and ask. And if its not really the way he feels, maybe a friendship can come out of it.

    I hope this helps you out. Oh and if you could, I've been looking for advice on the two questions I asked, if its not too much trouble could you tell me what you think? Thanks and good luck

  • He thinks you're pretty, which means one thing...he'll get nervous and say stupid things because he can't think straight. Maybe he didn't mean he'll ONLY take you out every few months, but just was mentioning different excuses (a few months apart) to take you out. Maybe he isn't sure how often to take a girl he likes out, or just wasn't thinking straight.

    If you two got along good enough to keep up conversation for 4 hours and he's saying you're pretty, there's nothing to worry about! Worst-case scenario: if he goes too long without asking you out again, bring up some movie you wanna see or a place you'd like to go. If he's smart, he'll jump at the chance to say "Well, let me take you."

  • i think he does like you but jokes around at times. date him more and you'll eventually end up making out


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