What makes a women unapproachable?

I take care of myself, I'm a good person raised with good morals and values. I work hard and always try to look at the positive side of things. I take care of myself by working out and eating well. Hygiene is very important to me and I also dress well. I have a good job so I can take care of myself. Although I'm mature my daughters friends find my hot, boy and girls! The thing is that I'm very lonely. Guys never ask me out ever! Any advice to get maybe one date?


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  • Definitely try online dating, reasonable sites, like eHarmony. I don't know if this might not sit well with you, but if you are really perplexed, a couple of sessions with a trained professional (counsellor, psychologist) might give you a number of clues and info about yourself that you overlooked, and might answer your question. (By no means am I implying there is anything wrong with you, it's only that counsellors are trained to explore with us what we ourselves are unable to grasp about ourselves). Good Luck


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  • Dont hang around with your children for starters.

    Most guys don't want a women with kids. I know you want a guy to accept your kids, but don't spring it on him straight away.

    Its like a man going on a date and having the first thing that comes out of his mouth that he still lives with mom. That might be something you could forgive later on.

    Next, you have to be warm and inviting.

    You must do everything you can to embody what makes a girl a girl.

    Be feminine to the very core.

  • Have you tried online dating?


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