Profiles on dating sites?

if I write an "interesting" profile with specifics I get a lot less interest than a completely vague profile that got hardly any fact in

Why's is that?


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  • You maybe coming off as desperate or you just don't have enough "mystery." Women love to conjure up peoples personalities. When you give a vague profile it'll give them time to try to guess what you're like and want to see more of you.

    It's like a porno, it shows you a few images to lure you into buying it. This is exactly what you're profile should be attempting to do which is to get them to want more.

    Why buy the porno if you can already see 50% of it in the trailer?

    • It does seem to be the case women prefer to be hoping people are like something (as you say conjure...) than knowing they're like something else they don't like the sound of.However It strikes me from other forums that some end up in unfortunate situations because they didn't pay attention to any specifics at all.

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  • Wow I read a lot about mystery from the other people that answered. I think that people are also skeptical about what they read on dating sites as well. Anyone can go in and make up whatever they want, so if your profile has a lot of really great stuff in it, some women might think well if he is so great why is he here. I don't know what kind of info you are putting on your profile. Plus if you include too much then you might sound too needy or desperate. Again not sure what all you are putting on your profile so just some thoughts.

    • When I did try being specific I'm not sure it was necessarily great but I did try to be honest. It's much easier to sound great with vague tho.

  • Women find it more interesting when there is some mystery and intrigue to a guys profile. At least I do. Don't put all the information you normally would on there, and chances are, more women will show interest.

  • I don't use dating site, but I think it would probably be because when the average person is just skimming through profiles the ones that are short and kind of vague are quicker to read. When a person is skimming they don't necessarily want to read a biography. And also, it leaves a little mystery, something for the person to get to know. If they already know that much about you they might not feel they need to learn more. But if it's vague then they might feel like they want to learn more about you, so they'll start communicating.

  • You could also be posting info that the ladies could care less about, so the more you put the more boring you may seem. But Idk. I like when guys, write a lot because most guys don't.

  • That is because when it is vague the people get to fill in the blanks. You could be whoever they wanted you to be. When you tell about yourself their are less blanks their imagination can fill.

    • The only problem is people can fill in the blanks later with whatever they want, true or not.

    • I know that. :) I was answering your question, not saying the pros and cons.

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  • as much as women deny they are just as shallow and piggish as men, women look at the pictures first, then if they like the pic, then they read the profile!

    • Well that was really rude and uncalled for. There could have been a way more civil way of putting that.

      And I believe from what the question asker said, he's done it both ways (long bios and short bios) and he gets more attention when the bio is shorter and more vague, he was asking why that was. It had nothing to do with anything else.

    • I don't "sugar-coat the truth, besides, it WAS a woman who made the comment first, I was just quoting her. maybe you should read a few of my articles for more insight?

  • Think about it. This might be your first impression on these people, and they see a novel of a profile in front of them, they may well think that you just ramble, talk a lot, and are more boring than you are interesting.

    With a short profile, they can get a decent idea of you but not get your life story. And, to some degree, there's still stuff they don't know that they could maybe talk about on a first date.

    What you really have to do is find the sweet spot. The perfect balance of info and length. Work with it, you'll find it.

    • I didn't say anything about the length of a profile. You're assuming interesting = long which doesn't need to be the case.

    • Well, actually, I was assuming detailed = long, which, although not an absolute, has a tendency to be true.

      Also... interesting is very subjective. VERY. What you want in a profile may be simply unwanted information to others.

    • Sorry, I just realized you never said detailed. I was sure you had, but that just goes to show, right?

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