Is it me or do other guys have a hard time kissing a stranger?

To me its difficult to kiss a stranger because I don't know where their mouth has been and most my thoughts start to wander off "well she could have just been sucking someone's". I don't know if I'm weird or what but I'm pretty conscience of things like that.


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  • ha ha the first time I ever kissed anyone I had just thrown up. but the guy did not warn me so I could not warn him lol it was so unnerving-i would never consciously decide to kiss someone in that situation. I don't even think he noticed- he was too busy trying to figure out way I was nt kissing him back. I was too shocked to move pretty much. I just decided I would not have to think about it because I knew I did not want to kiss anyone- it had not occurred tome that anyone else idea could rump mine. but yea I know what you mean, I would not have kissed him without screening him for it, if I had had a chance. I had just gotten over a long case of mono even tho I had never kissed anyone...I had always planed on being very carful for kissing...My favorite kiss ,is the kind where the guy just got out of the shower :-)

    oh. I know I'm not a guy - but I don't kiss strangers*

    • Lol I don't think there are many women that kiss strangers period darling.....

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    • I just find a kiss more passionate and emtionally tying than I hold it more special

    • Yes honestly I know what you mean.

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  • Ew. You're absolutely right. I don't consider kissing and messing with strangers a particularly endearing pastime.



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  • Get a grip, have a drink, think of what the end result could be. If in doubt invest in a bulk load of Listerine.

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