Forgive him or forget him?

so I'm now entering my sophomore year in college. I've been talking to this boy for 6 months who goes to my school. Even though we weren't official people knew we were talking. His friends and my friends always hung out, partied, drank.basically did everything together so we were always together. Me and him always had problems. I would hear about him and other girls but wouldn't believe it because I wanted to trust him or hear it from him. So whatever we were always back and fourth, on and off. He has a hard time expressing his feelings, but I know how he felt because he let me in in a way he doesn't let a lot of girls in like that. I always had soo much fun being around him, and for me its hard to let a guy in like that. I usually keep my guards up most of the time. So its the time around my birthday and my best friend in college sat me in her room, crying and finally told me that she had sex with the boy I was talking to when they returned back from break. Me, her and his friends had just hung out that night and she was being weird, and so was he kinda. Me and him had gotten into it and decided to try the friendship thing, but it never worked. When they had sex tho, This was during the time me and him were good. So for a whole month me and her got extra cool, and she made it seem like nothing happened. unbelievable. He never talked to me about it, and I just cut him off that moment I found out. He always found ways to hurt me, but theirs something about him I just can't get over. Me and the girl are friends again, I still have those thoughts of the shit she did but I forgave her. The thing is, had he came to me and tried to talk to me, I would have probably forgave him like I always do! anyways I deleted him from facebook, phone, any source of communication and I haven't spoken to him for almost 4 months now. I think about him all the time, but its really hard getting over him. Just two days ago he asked to be my friend on facebook, and I accepted him. Today I deleted him because I found myself going to his page, and seeing him with girls and that hurt me. How could I get over this? If he does try to talk should I listen? because knowing him, he will try when school starts. I can't deny my feelings. its bad.

im confused! help.


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  • Wow. Well it sounds like a big circle of crap. First of all I don't think I could ever forgive my friend for sleeping with a man I liked or dated or whatever. She is not a true friend. On the other hand she does get brownie points for being honest with you.

    Now as for him. Drop him. He sounds like a player wanna be. I say wanna be because he got caught up. Usually players don't get caught. Well it sounds like you really like him and I can't tell you to completely cut off all ties with him. But I can tell you that you can do better. Put off the visod that you can do better and he isn't worth your time. And see if that straightens him up and makes him come to you. Either that or sit him down and tell him that you have deep feelings for him and you want him to straighten up. If he can't accept that then forget him. You deserve better than to get hung up on a player. I know it is hard getting over someone you like but it does get better.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

    • Thank you guys! this really helped me out. and I will definately let you know what happens


    • You are welcome....good luck girl.

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