He calls/texts a lot but hasn't made more plans?

I met this guy about 2 weeks ago, he seemed extremely smitten with me. We went out last weekend and had an awesome time, and since then there has been only a couple of days when he hasn't called me just to talk, or texted me just to tell me something random or cute. My worry is that I haven't talked to him this weekend, and he hasn't asked me to concretely hang out with him again yet, he has not asked me to go out with him this weekend or anything. He told me he is working a lot this weekend, but I still don't see why he can't fit me in somewhere. Yet, he still calls and texts me to talk. Does this mean he isn't into me?


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  • No... it means he has a busy weekend.


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  • If he's calling / texting you [ even ] though he told you he has a very heavy work load for the weekend,

    then yes he still likes you.

    in fact, that's good that he's doing that.

    after the weekend is over,

    you can bring up plans to chill.