How do you get a guy to kiss you without saying anything?

When I go to the movies with my crush he Seems as though he wants to kiss me and personally I wouldn't Mind if he did, but I don't want to say it in Case I'm reading too much into it and I find that he keeps staring at me during the movie

So, how do I let him know without saying anything that I wouldn't mind if he tried to kiss me?


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  • You should just give him a kiss, maybe he is like me and wants an invite from you (basically you make the first move) so he feels comfortable its OK. I know when the girl kisses me first then its fair game and I make sure I get more in before the end of the night.

  • hold his hand gently or run your fingertips up and down his arm to let him know that physical affection is OK between the two of u, this will let him know that he shouldn't have to hesitate or give seconds thoughts to being physical with you and may spark the idea in his head to go ahead and try to kiss you...if that dosnt work then bring his hand to your lips and kiss it gently and look him in the eyes and then lean forward towards him, giving him the oppurtunity to do so...


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