What age group should I date?

After being 3 years in a relationship and a few months "healing" from it I am ready to date again. Lots of people say "age doesn't matter" but it's not like that. Although I am a mature person and lots of people said I think very mature for a guy at my age lots of girls at my age are with guys way older then me and won't bother to know me better. And also guys at my age are targeting girls younger

What girls target guys my age ?

I know it matters how you behave in the first place, but both girls and guys are victims of the prejudice


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  • I would say a lot of the girls going for guys 18-24 are usually 16-17 (18-19 guys) or 18-21 (20-24 guys). The younger girl-older guy relationships have seemingly exponentially increased in the past couple years. I rarely see girls dating guys within 1 year of their age, and more rarely younger guys.

    I understand that it's not about age not mattering, but go for anyone. Can't think it's only younger girls and miss out on one great older one.


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