If he said this drunk, does this mean he has thought about it soberly?

i am interested in a kid from my college, but throughout college he's been very fickle with me. he'll text me on weekends and has flirted but we have never hooked up. once time he asked me to stay over in a really roundabout way, but once he got me into his room, he left. and the next morning he apologized and said he got sick and passed out in the bathroom. on senior week, he invited me to his frat house for a party at the beach. when I showed up, he chose me as his pong partner. my friends all wanted to leave halfway through the game, so I asked someone else to take my place. I was afraid to walk alone because a kid had recently been attacked by someone on the beach with a knife so I was honestly afraid to walk alone to another house alone later.

he then invited me for a visit to his home this summer and I thought he was kidding, but the next day his mom facebook friended me and left me a long message. as we continued to talk she said (a few times) "it would be nice if you came to visit this summer...hint-hint.. am I bad? yeah, I'm bad..."

at first it just seems that his mother took the invitation the wrong way because he really showed no sign of interest and any time we talked this summer, I initiated texting... but a few days ago he randomly texted me "wish you were here." granted, he claims he was drunk but he always pretends to be drunker than he really is to look cool..and later we got on the topic of senior week and how I left our game early! I replied with "i was scared to walk alone!" and he replied "you didn't have to walk back." and then said he and his mom want me to come for a visit some time. oh and I do know his mother. this kid and I have been friends for 4 years, but not super close.

what do you think is happening? please don't comment on his drinking problem. its not a problem. he's just a crazy college kid and all of our friends are the same way :)


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  • Pretty weird, like his mother is the one pressuring for you to come. Maybe she's playing matchmaker!


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  • He could like you, but I don't think he's very serious. If you want to date him, then maybe try to hang out with him and get to know him better in a more dating way.

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