Drunken encounter... awkward?

I'm asking this on behalf of my sister because she came to me for advice and I just stared at her blankly trying to think of what to say to her. Her story went something like this (probably missing some details as it's second hand)

A couple of weeks ago, on Canada day actually... She went out to a club with one of her friends and there were three guys from her school there who she'd been going to school with for a few years. I guess her and her friend were completely smashed and she ended up dancing, kissing and eventually bringing one of them home for the night. She says she's pretty sure they had sex (and I know there will be whore comments on here, but whatever, she's young and intoxicated, it's bound to happen to everyone once). They got home by getting a ride from his brother, who was in her biology class. So after waking up she said it was awkward because they were cuddling in their sleep but he left pretty soon after they woke up. They weren't friends from school, she just knew who he was. The only time they'd ever talked or anything before that night was another night out she ran into him and his same friends and danced with him and he kissed her... but she found out after that he had a girlfriend at that time so she didn't bother talking to him or acknowledge him in any way. When they had their drunken over night he was single though. She still hasn't spoken to him or anything and doesn't really want to because she thinks if anything were to happen he'd cheat on her (which I agree with her concern) and it was just a really stupid drunken night of hers. I guess what she wants advice on was that this happened almost a month ago and two days ago she saw one of his friends at a concert and his friend saw her and was like "OMG STEPHEN! STEPHEN GET OVER HERE! IT'S KELSEY! KELSEY IS HERE! STEPHEN, KELSEY'S HERE!" or along those lines. She found it weird because she'd never introduced herself to his friends or exchanged names (even with Stephen but she knew who he was).She's really awkward by it though and when she saw him and heard him calling Stephen she ran away into the crowd with her friends because she thought it'd be too weird to see him or talk to him. So she wants to know if he's been going around bragging to his friends or if he actually is trying to find her or something because she doesn't have facebook so he couldn't go on that and look. She's a pretty and smart girl and I just don't know what to tell her. Please help! xo . :)


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  • I think he's been bragging about it. Young guys haven't yet learned that they shouldn't kiss and tell.

    • I agree... He's going to be in her classes next year though and I feel terrible for her if this is the case because everyone will know.

    • We're all human and we make mistakes, I hope she doesn't take it too seriously.

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  • thats funny men talk about the easy girls. its just a fact of life.


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  • I'm not really sure to be honest, it depends on the way his friend said it.. if it was in a fog horn, laughing kind of way then I' probably say steer clear, but if it was just in a happy kind of way maybe he's just been looking for her? But I'm not sure... it is indeed a tough one to call.

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