Why do I get so angry and jealous all the time?

Okay so me and this girl have been really good friends for a year or so and we haven't seen each other for almost two months and we live like ten minutes away from each other. Every time we try to plan something she can't or is hanging with someone else and I just say it's fine or some other time then and it makes me so mad. Then later on in the day she talks to me like nothing wrong and I can't stand it. I want to say something but I don't want to make things awkward or anything. What should I do?


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  • For some reason, this girl does not want to spend time with you and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. It's already awkward since she's trying to let you down easy and you keep coming back. She's nice to you later on in the day because she feels guilty. I'd let this girl go - It's been HOW long since you've hung out with her? TWO MONTHS? That's a long time if you are "FRIENDS"... I'd make some new friends, Sweetie. She has moved on - just smile and say hi when you see her but stop trying to get together. She doesn't want to. Move on and find friends who DO want to spend time with you. She is not it. Sorry. Hugz.

  • I think the answer to your question is: because you like her.

    She presumably doesn't know this and just sees and treats you as one of her mates. She has no idea she's hurting you. The way out of this is to somehow make clear to her that you might be interested in more than friendship. Put a note in her letterbox explaining it or tell her you want to take her out on a real date rather than just hang out.


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