I need help..he's mad at me and I don't know what to do?

We're friends, and recently he confessed he liked me.

I was uncertain when responding because I wasn't sure if I liked him or not because I never really thought of him in that way.

Now( a week later) he suddenly is just ignoring me. Whenever I talk to him he replies curtly and is very unfriendly. He ignored my texts and finally when online I asked him if I did anything to upset him he said "Yes" but he refuses to tell me what it is.

Then he said he had to go but I know he just appeared offline because he didn't want to talk to me. :(

what should I do?

Also he said he 'got over me' already and that he already has a new crush.
I'm not interested in him that way because I like his best friend(who is already taken), but he is unaware of that fact. Thanks for all the answers though, I just decided to ignore him if he keeps refusing to be reasonable.


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  • Yeah he definitely got his ego hurt by you. That's normal though. If you liked him back things probably would have happened earlier. You'll know the spark when it comes. He's not a true friend if he is ignoring you.

    Most guys are only friends just because they want you. They call themselves the "nice" guys...but actually they just use their friendship to sucker girls into relationships to show their "true" personality.

    Don't feel bad and definitely don't be his friend. It happens all the time.


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  • Ouch...idk if there is anything you can do, I mean if you really want to try to get with him then let him cool down a little then try to talk to him with reason and if things get better then they will. Most times guys just need a cooling period to get over the anger that causes over reaction.

  • You didn't reciprocate his feelings, which upset and embarassed him. It's not your fault. He's a pu5sy for not being able to deal with your feelings. People in general are far too fragile when dealing with that sort of thing, if you ask me.

    He may or may not have actually moved on. However, you probably missed your chance.

    Personally, he sounds like an immature twerp. I would advise YOU to move on to a guy whose testicles have actually dropped.


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  • ok so.

    when you answered he was probably 1. embarassed cause he didn't get the answer he wanted, 2. upset that you didn like him back. and when he says "yes" relating to you doing something that made him mad, it was probably because you gave him mixed signals (unintentionally flirting for example) he probably thinks your playing with his emotions

    and as for the new crush, garuneetee, he is only saying that to make you either jealous or save his pride.

    try openly telling him xactly how you feel, and apologise, even tho you did nothing wrong. guys need to be babied at times... retarted isn't it?

  • I think you should let it rest. If he doesn't repond when you message him, then you have to let it go. If he wants to act stupid and rather lose a friend just because you don't feel the same about him. Let him act that way then.