Would you date someone like that? blind or deaf?

you know in those movies with a really cute lady?

but the thing is she blind in the movie cute she lost it in some accident when she was young or some thing like that...

i don't know why, but I just like them... like enough to date.

i guess because they seem so innocent, more in touch with how people, and more insightful (no pun intended.)

but would you date someone like that? blind or deaf but REALLY hot?

i wonder if I'm the only one that would date someone like that?

  • Yeah I think I would get to know her/him
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  • Nah man, I'm pretty shallow person :/
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  • I would take the time to know, and even date someone who is deaf/blind.

    Looks are definitely, definitely a plus, but if I fell in love with the person, I could still see them as a potential mate just like anyone else.

    And, like you said, they have an insight to life that is a rarity among our society. They see things differently. Understand and perceive the world around them for what it is.

    Being blind/deaf doesn't define someone. It's simply a cup of tea life has given them.

    • Yeah I'm not a shallow guy at all but I've dated some shallow girls.

      i have a test I always ask girls. I ask if they had to choose between being blind or deaf.

      most of them said deaf cause they want to be able to see who they are with and the world around them etc.

      choosing that is kind of saying that you only willing to look skin deep and not what in there heart. yeah kind cheesy but that how I do it.

      deaf people can be insightful too, but asking it from a person who has both senses say alot.

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  • im sure your not the only one, It human nature for most guys to be attracted to a woman who is gentler so long as you don't go around poking their eyes out

    • HAHA! nice pun


      and if someone insults her, you almost hate the right to beat the hell out of them. haha

  • Are you Japanese?

    • No, Jamaican actually. wrong J

    • Oh, because they like injured lolis.

    • Lolis?

      nevermind I just google it. that pretty messed up.

      im just talking about bling chicks.