We only text?

Okay so my boyfriend and I we talk a lot on text message like that's all we ever do and my friends are always like why do you text so much you really have that much to talk about? and then when we hangout its awkward and we don't know what to talk about and he thinks I act like I don't really like him but I love him and he thinks he's going to lose me to other guys so help me what should I do?


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  • The next time you pick up your phone to text him, call him instead. Talking on the phone is way more personal than texting. If you're worried about running out of things to say on the phone, write out a list of things you usually text about to refer to in case the conversation lulls.


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  • You need to have both text and phone calls. Texts only good for when he can't talk for long time. Text should not replace all the phone calls because you can hear his emotion and also hear his voice too. If he said he is not a phone person then tell him just a short phone call.

  • Stop texting so much, start talking on the phone instead.

    Texting is completely impersonal, you may as well be dating some guy off the internet.

    • I hate talking on the phone and he doesn't ever call me

      i know it is but he likes texting hahahahahahaa I guess I should be then.

    • Hmm, well why do you hate talking on the phone? Do you also find it awkward?

      Obviously if you guys like each other so much, you must have something in common which

      means there must be something you have to talk about.

      Without conversation, what's in a relationship?