How long should it take me to get over him?

well we were together for almost 3 months and we decided last week that we were better breaking up sooner than later before I go to uni because then we would be breaking up anyway. I'm only 17 and he was my first "proper" boyfriend. How long should it take me to stop thinking about him and get over him!? :/ xoxo


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  • There's no set time on how long it takes to get over someone. Everyone is different. For example, I dated my then boyfriend for 3 months, but I had also known him and had become friends with him 3 years before that. So the break up was hard. It's been three months since then. I'm not completely over him.. I still think about him, but I'm not crying myself a river like I was before. I'm actually starting to date again.

    But it's all about how you handle yourself. No sappy love songs, No love story movies. Just go out with your friends and have fun. It'll take your mind off of things that have been bugging you. It works, I swear.

  • Hi,

    It will take a while. Just be patient with yourself. Get involved in other activities, join a group, go out with friends, keep yourself busy. There are no time limits to get over someone, it just depends on how much emotionally you were invested in the relationship, the more you were the longer it will take. For now though take one day at a time. Go out and have fun with your friends.

    I wish you the best of luck.