Boyfriend not calling?

Me & my boyfriend have recently got back together after a short break up, however on the days I don't see him he doesn't text or call or anything, I'll text him but he doesn't reply. I don't understand why he ignores me? He also has another phone - he got it when we broke up so I couldn't contact him, but even now we are back together he still uses this phone & I haven't got the number , I know 100% there isn't another girl its just his mates who he drinks with who have that number. I still have to contact him on his old number. I feel all mixed up because when we are together everything feels fantastic but then I feel like its out of sight out of mind. Why doesn't he contact me? I think why doesn't he miss me, because I know when I miss him I text him.


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  • You're giving him the position of the one in control of the relationship and he knows it.

    He feels he can do whatever he wants, and that will hurt you in the end.

    Let him know you don't understand why he needs two phones? and ask him why he isn't picking up your calls.

    You guys need to have that conversation of things that bug you.

    Dont let him off the hook.

    As his girlfriend you have a right to know.

  • I want to be gentle but I have to tell you - you aren't really back together with him if he is keeping phone numbers from you and not returning your messages. It is possible that he doesn't have another girlfriend however he is on the prowl on the days he isn't with you. Who says that other girls don't call the new phone number to contact him?

    Bottom line - this is a volatile, one sided relationship and YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS. Don't ever doubt that you deserve better for any reason! Dump this guy immediately! I wouldn't even give him another chance because it will only be a matter of time before he starts taking you for granted again. You will find a guy who loves to hear from you, spends lots of time with you and returns your calls and text messages.

    It is empowering to take charge of your life and situation. You can do it!

    • I totally agree with what this girl is saying, and thanks for the advice, because I'm dealing with a similar situation.....I think when some women are blinded by fake love, they can't read all of the apparent red flags...bottom line..HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.. but if you let him go then you will open yourself to someone who is...good luck...