Is this considered a date or a hang out?

I really don't know what to make of this.

So, I met this guy, and he keeps saying that we should chill. But he is constantly telling me this. So we decided on a day...which is today. I asked him what we're going to do. He said watch a movie and maybe get some desert. (We're going at around 8pm.) I asked him what movie and he said something from RedBox just to watch at his house. I was like...well alright that works for me.

After the night is over, should I ask him if it was a date or a hang out? Cause hanging out at his house for the first time just seems like a hang out rather than going out and seeing a movie. But that's just me.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Don't be astonished if he tries to get his hands under your t-shirt.


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  • Nah no need to ask him. Asking the "what is this? what are we?" questions to soon can freak a lot of guys out as you're just getting to know each other in person. If I were you, I'd consider it just a hang out myself to take the pressure off of it. Get to know each other and have fun, don't worry about what it is just yet. If it's more than just hanging out it will develop and you'll know without having to ask in due time. Have fun tonight!

    • Thanks! I said what you said in my head earlier, but I just wasn't sure.