How should I respond?

So my ex, after disappearing on me for 4 months has finally replied to a fb message I sent him soon after his disappearing act. I now know the reason for his disappearance; he met someone else. they have been dating now for 4 months and seem very happy. however, after a 4 year romantic online relationship with me he took off abruptly and now has the nerve to send me this pathetic message:

"I feel as if I can respond to this now. Yes my disappearance had something to do with our last conversations, one specific phrase in said conversation in fact, w which lead me to do copious amounts of thinking and reflecting by which I realized some other things I had overlooked. However, thank you for your concern but I am fine, as is everything on my side. Despite my disappearance I hope everything is also well on your end. I hope the remainder of your undergrad went smoothly and that you are on your way to your various career goals. Respond to this as you will, "


Should I even bother him a reply? if so whatever can I say?

I wanted closure and an explanation for his abrupt disappearance but now I don't know..


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  • Wait - you guys had an online relationship that lasted 4 years? HAve you seen each other in person? Sorry, it is unclear from your post

    • Yes. nope, we wanted to before he started something up with his new gf.

  • Woah, who talks like that? how did you meet him online? that all seems kinda weird.

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