Please help! What do guys look for the first time they go over to a girl's house?

What is important to have in the fridge? What helps a man feel at home? I want everything to be perfect when I invite him in after our date...


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  • You can never go wrong with New York steaks and top-shelf scotch, aged at least 18 years.

    • Do I have to know how to cook the steaks too? And what's the best brand of scotch?

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    • Thanks, have a shot of scotch for me~ -b.

    • Scotch is measured by fingers.

      You take the glass, put it on the counter, places your fingers at the side of the glass where the liquid will reside, measuring from the bottom.

      Measure either by two or three fingers per serving. "Rocks" (bar slang for ice) is optional.

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  • Strap ons, pictures of you and ex's having sex, and piles of womens wedding magazines.

    • Thanks for the sarcasm, it's delicious.

  • Some nice food (beef, steak) and something to drink. Maybe put on some ambient music.


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