I need advice on whether to txt this guy first or just leave it up to him...

So we met at the beach, exchanged numbers, and said we would hang out. We did hang out a couple days later, and ended up hooking up by the end of the night. In between those days and hte day after we hooked up we were texting, and he seems into me. So now its a couple days after that, and I'm wondering if I should text him first just to say hey wats up, or should I just wait for him? I don't want to seem desperate. Guys what would you want the girl to do? Advice please, thanks!


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  • Text him something light but sweet. If it's been a couple of days then there's no point letting it go further. Say "Hey I was just wondering if you have plans for (pick a date)?" Then make plans to get together then.

  • No . leave it to him. Any guy will tell you that it is so much more intriguing to have to work a little bit for the girl he cares about than to have a girl seem a bit needie or 'desperate'. to be honest in some cases it can change a guys mind in 5 mins about thinking ur the best to thinking ur a bit of a slut.

    So yeh , let him work to get inside ur pants


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