Would you hang out with someone you weren't interested in?

Guys, if you really weren't interested in a girl, would you hang out with her if she asked you to? I like this guy and every time I ask him to hang out, 95 percent of the time he's up for it. If you just wanted to be friends with the girl and kinda knew that she liked you, would you hang out with her?


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  • Personally if he hangs out with you a lot then I think he's probably into you, in my experience most guys approach 'platonic friendships' very differently to females, we don't often befriend girls we don't secretly fancy or have some other motives for hanging out.


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  • I probably wouldn't, because I wouldn't want to lead her on. I'd only hang out with her if I liked her too.


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  • Sure, why not? If a guy likes you as a friend then he'll tend to pretend you don't like him. Not trying to ruin your chances, you just haven't given much info.

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