Why would a guy text you everyday, all day, and not follow up with hanging out?

He also sent me a shirtless picture of himself.

I've suggested hanging out a few times...

but he always has to "check his schedule".


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  • Several possible reasons:

    1) He's a flake

    2) He's leading you on and is uninterested

    3) He's a player

    4) He's busy

    5) His education


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • The guy is a player, he doesn't feel that he needs to hang out he probably just wants you to text him, talk with him whatever, but he doesn't actually want to hang out, that would be against everything he's for. I'm sorry, it's harsh, but that's the kind of guy he is, sending a shirtless picture, is legally considered sexting, so yeah, he's just a player.

  • Playing hard to get, he just wants sex, if you invite him over for some nooky he will be their so fast your head will be spinning...


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