How would you go about rekindling an old flame?

Maybe you two dated and haven't talked for a while. Maybe you never dated but know both of you had feelings for the other. What would you do to find your old lover and reestablish your relationship?


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  • I would shoot them a quick text or something, and just be like 'hey! I was thinking about you today, miss you, we should catch up'


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  • Hello,

    well I've recently stopped dating a girl I've been dating for a while.. even though she knew comunication was a problem for her she didn't talk to me about things she wanted and so we drifted apart..

    Even though I would like to try go back I know from experiance that you cant.. she hasn't changed and I know this becouse she's aware of her problems yet she hasn't tried to fix them.. however much you may want someone back its never worth trying to.. you will spend your time with them constantly wondering if other problems will accure.. the fact is when you go back to a women all you will be is somthing to keep her entertained until somthing better comes along..

    your best bet is to better yourself and meet someone else.. someone new and fresh where you can make a new start..

    it may feel like you won't be able to do it but just remember you felt that way with the last girl.. we all go through this..

    better to move on then stay and be on edge all the time..

    Good Luck