Making the choice between between two girls?

If you had to choose between your high school crush that will leave at the end of summer to back college in another country or another girl that goes to your college and likes you?

If you do choose the other one(not your high school crush) would that be like betraying them or not, I understand that you should not stop your life for anyone but will that choice matter or send the wrong signal to you high school crush if she found out


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  • I would go after the one that goes to my college. Because long distance relationships never really work out, and I would want to spend time with him. I wouldn't be betraying them. I would be doing what's best for me. But to tell you the truth, I would chose the one I had more feelings for. So gud luck :)


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  • Honestly, you're holding each other back if you still try to date. If you make the choice for the college girl then you should explain to your high school crush how it would benefit both of you. That's very important if you don't want to hurt her feelings. It will most likely hurt her for a while but she will get over it. 1. You wouldn't get to spend enough time with each other. 2. You will both meet many new people and experience all that is college.

    My roommate had a girl that lived in Arizona for most of the year while we live on the east coast. He didn't go out much and was in constant contact because he missed her so much. I think this really put a downer on his first year in college.

    My vote: new college girl

    good luck!