Does She Want Something Or Am I Being Played?

Here's the short and sweet of it:

1) We've been flirting at work for months.

2) We went on a few dates at the beach and on patios.

3) I finally kissed her one night; we fooled around.

4) We spent many days hanging out, talking, and fooling around.

5) She was always passive and shy and I initiated everything.

6) I asked if she was okay with what we were doing (she never talked about it and was always shy) and she said she was really happy with it all.

6) After a while we slept together (I explicitly asked her first and she explicity answered yes).

7) She came back after that and SHE initiated another romp in my bed, afterwards we stayed up talking and laughing for hours.

8) The next day she suddenly said it was too fast and she was freaking out and wanted to simply hang out and that work was awkward.

9) As we said goodbye she was standing close looking up at me waiting for a kiss but I misinterpreted it because she said she only wanted to hang out.

10) Since then she always comes close to me at work, gazes into my eyes lots, hesitates leaving, and there is lots of "attraction" tension between us.

11) She goes out of her way to bring me lunch etc. when I'm working overtime.

12) She initiates texts with me with questions about what I'm up to, and when I reply I don't hear from her again for a few hours!

13) She makes plans with me for the weekend but then suddenly has other things to do. Then she makes plans again!

14) I really like her and want to date her (we can slow down but I want to kiss her when I see her) but I'm sick of being a yo-yo, so I'm starting to withdraw from her because I'm not putting up with this.

I want to talk to her about how I feel about things but I can't seem to get her alone!

What is going on here and what can I do about it?


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  • Call her and talk to her about it. it may be tacky but if you can't seem to get her alone, and if you could she might misinterpret it.

    Girls will tell guys they are okay with it. and at the moment they are and are happy for a while after. but in some cases (maybe this one) they tend to try and not think about it. and just live in the moment. Mainly because they know the second they do that they will feel horrible, or something will happen.

    She seems a little confused at the moment as to what she wants. If I were in your shoes I'd kiss her when she acted like she wanted one. and then if she flipped out I'd tell her well I thought that's what you wanted why else would you do that?

    From what I can tell she wants something with you, but doesn't know what. Is she on the rebound? or have you two been good friends?


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