19 and tired of dating/putting in the effort to flirt. What does that mean?

I don't flirt a lot and only one relationship. I kind of feel like the guys I went to high school with and those I go to college are, for the most part, not very mature.

I guess one thing is I've seen too many couple week relationships.


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  • totally justified. most guys in that age group are immature. I'm the exact same way pretty much, 19 and I don't go running around hitting on girls much. I'm just waiting for that one girl who makes me want to chase after her, and she's just that amazing

    • Mr./Mrs. Right :) What do you think of that saying/idea?

      It seems like one of those things a person really wants to believe, and therefore can't stop believing it. Definitely a nice thought though.

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    • Patience just so long one doesn't go over the 30-year or so mark lol. That's when one says well disciplined instead of patient :)

    • Haha message me? I think we could really get in depth with this whole topic

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  • You are probably mature and boys your age are for the most part are not mature. You need to find the more mature type who may be a couple of years older than you.

  • I'd agree with the other two. Most guys at that age aren't mature, nor are most of them looking for a solid relationship. That's not to say they don't exist, but you're going to have to look hard.

    That being said, don't give up on dating and flirting just yet. If you're not willing to put any effort into dating a guy, why would any guy put effort into dating you? If he's a loser, ditch him. If he's a keeper, do your best.


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