What is a date?

Thanks in advance.

I have had people talk about going out on a date, and I do play along that I understand what it means, but I do not understand what it really means, not at the surface, but what does it really mean. Please help me out.


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  • A "date" is the word used to describe the sexual intent of two people for each other. It's the act of getting together to explore comparability, sexual chemistry and romantic interest.

    I find it BEST to NEVER call a DATE a DATE. It puts too much pressure on him and her.

    Instead, when it comes to attracting a potential girlfriend, I find it best to spend time with her, escalate the physical touch and emotional rapport until she's asking me to not see other women. This usually takes about 10 "dates." But I never call them "dates."

    ~ Robby

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  • Personal interaction between two people that are interested in each other and trying to obtain more from each other from a "date". I thought of that in my head better than I typed it into words.

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