He texted me after one night stand. how to respond?

I get my friend's wedding invitation on a beautiful island and tourist attraction. I fly one day before the event, I spend time alone to walk and eat in a restaurant. Came a man who did not find a seat and then join in my table. We start to talk and we just click on conversation. he will back in his country tonight, he thinking will reschedule ticket for back tomorrow night because he just want invite me dinner. wow.. and he just do it.. !!! i can't belive!
in the night.. we meet in restaurant, we go bar to bar, we dance together, talking and kissing, we drink and till 4am i am lit a bit drunk. i am fall down, he carrying me to his hotel and we do ONS s*x.
in the morning wake up, drop in event weeding, he want meet me for spend time till tonight (sitting in the Beach, lunch and dinner).
after that, he go to airport in the night.
and till now.. he always text me first? how to respons? T. T
our conversation "he don't looking relationship, he want enjoy his self"
but its 2 week after ONS.. he always text me like "i miss you, what are you doing, hi travel patner? , when we meet again?"
honestly.. I try not love him, because I know ONS can not be expected.
He texted me after one night stand. how to respond?
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