Should I go out with him?

Ok this guy is like one of my best friends and he is in love with me.but I don't know if I like him. I like this other guy a little,but he is a bad boyfriend and I made a promise to myself I would not date him again! But that's not the point. I kinda like this guy named nick but I'm not sure.He is a really great guy and doesn't give up ad we get along great but. Every time I start to like him I feel weird. Like I still have feelings for the other guy.But I only get them when we talk. And everyone wants me to date nick but I don't know.Help.


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  • If your old boy friend treated you like crap then you need to let him lose, let him go, you don't deserve that kinda treatment. You deserve so much more.

    nick seems like a cool dude and he's treating you good so he's your best bet.

    you best friend is another case. its hard to replace best friends. your best friend will be with you through the whole break up crisis.

    its a sticky delima with best friends. I've been best friends with a gurl for over 4 years and she has no clue I like her simply cause its so hard to replace a girl in her position.

    neways best friend have the potential to be the great person you've been with. but you lose the one person who you can run to and talk to about your relationships, problem, etc,.

    it a hard for you to pick one I understand, but id say go with that nick dude.

    god luck with every thing. hope this helps.


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  • DONT go out with him unless you are sure about your feelings for him. If you do, and then change your mind, you will crush his heart.

    • The issue here is that he's in a foster home. who gives a damn about her feelings if she's shallow enough to not date someone because a circumstance like that. foster care is not easy to live in. maybe she doesn't deserve him. excuse me but this guy is still a human being with feelings like the rest of us. how about we focus on that- j