Ever used a dating site?

Have you ever used a dating site? What were your experiences? Did you ever end up find that special someone?

In your opinion, which dating site is the best one? such as Plenty of Fish, Cupidwhatever its called, Match.com, eHarmony?


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  • I would offer that online dating is fantastic -if and only- if the idea of meeting new people excites you. It was that way for me in my early 20s and overall it was not a bad experience at all. If you're just lukewarm and not genuinely excited, it won't really do much for you. So, you supply the enthusiasm, and it may be marvellous -- at least for a time.

    Anyway, I like plentyoffish, for being very free and very popular.

  • Yeah and they all got me know where. No girls responded to me. So I gave up. As a girl it would probably be easy for you. I'm on this new site I found that's called Adopt A Guy. The girls have to initiate everything. The guys can't even message girls until they message them first.


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