Online dating sites?

Do you think they are a waste of time, or are there actually people worth pursing on there? I have looked at a couple sites and most of them look horrible. Some of the smaller sites I've seen maybe a couple people I'd be interested in meeting, but they seem mostly infested with oddballs?


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  • Well I think its a waste of time. Its not safe, and I wouldn't trust the people on there. That's how most people end up dead. Its not worth putting my life on the line so I can meet someone.

    • Well if you were murdered by your Internet date, at least you wouldn't die alone.

    • Whatcha mean I don't get it?

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  • I write reviews on dating sites with frequency, and as soon as I hear about a new one, I get a profile up, utilize the services, and see how it goes.

    So far I've found that eHarmony, Chemistry and OkCupid are the only one's where regular, legitimate communication occurs.

    The many sites actually have in practice the use of fake profiles, or intentionally don't clean out older profiles that continue to receive hits or messages, because they are a business, and one that doesn't have an external line of accountability.

    Of the three I mentioned, Chemistry is unreliable in terms of it's users. They get a lot of people on there that are "fly by night" and will communicate one minute, and be gone the next.

    Also, Chemistry has moments where scam artists start to run the site in terms of profiles, which gets annoying. The amount of money they want you to pay is high, but not completely out of line of what other sites with similar infastructure would charge.

    However, because they clearly have a lack of accountability with regard to scams, and guidelines for how to determine active vs. inactive users, the site ends up not being worth the cost or effort.

    eHarmony has a lot of communication going on, but because of the stages, the first few months can be jarring for a person.

    They are very good at weeding out scams and fakes, because there is so much you have to do to develop a profile there, scammers and the like won't invest the time. Though I have heard of incidents on eHarmony, those tend to be "higher end' scammers, that are very skilled at what they do, which would be to bilk money out of people.

    OkCupid has a tremendous amount of communication on it, and because it's free, tends to be the best service to use.

    Though there are many people on there that are clear psychological case studies, there are just as many, if not more that are legitimate people looking to have fun.

    Thee are other sites I've reviewed, but I'll publish the material as I write it.

    • That is excellent information. I have found Christian Cafe to be a decent site, but other than that... boooo.