I don't get her, I need help... What do women want?

There's this girl, I like, and at the time I swore she liked me, she had to be near me, text me, tell me things her best friend didn't even know. One day I told her I liked her, she said oh... And didn't talk to me for a few months, then it all started again. She had to be near me, talked to me, told me stuff she never told anyone before. Drew on me, dumped her boyfriend, whom she started dating when we weren't on speaking terms. It seemed that she liked me the way I liked her. Again I told her how I felt, how I thought she was the most beautiful, awesome, blue eyed girl in the world. She said "oh". A few months pasted and it happened again all over. This time I asked her why she never gave me a chance, after all she knew I was romantic, kind, funny, and I listened to everything she ever told me, again she just said "oh..." I know of the chase game, and this one has gone on 2 years. What is up with her?

To the girls: if that is true why did she dump her boyfriend for me? I believe you, it's just I can't understand...


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  • Well, I don't think she is interested in you the same way you are. This is not the chase game, girls just love the attention men give to them. She loves talking to you because you are attentive, listen to her and try to comfort her (qualities of a man who is in love with a girl).regardless of her many defects. I'm sorry >.<, she doesn't seem interested for me D:


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  • To me it just seems like she wants to be your friend. Sounds like she thinks of you as her best friend.


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  • Some girls are screwy like that. She might be beautiful and awesome, but if she has that reaction when you simply tell her you like her...think about it, would she make a good girlfriend?

    Another piece of advice: making a move will always be better than telling a girl you like her. For some reason, it often hurts more than helps to say it. Instead, show it through playful flirtation, taking the girl out on dates, and making moves. Turn down the "romance" and turn up the "fun" when trying to start something with a girl.

    Best of luck man.

    • As a bonus, read this, and remember it--THIS is what women want to see in a guy.


    • Did she TELL you that she dumped her boyfriend *for you*? If not, don't assume that she did.

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