Need opinions on me and her?

I used to hang out with this girl a few years ago, she seemed really nice to me but I was always shy around her. For whatever reason we both kind of went are own ways and I didn't hear from her again till recently. When we meet again she was the same nice girl as before and I was still the same shy guy. But after talking to her the first day I became less shy when I was around her. We do things like tickle each other and stuff like that as fun. And we did it for like a month straight.

I have an important business trip and I won't be around for about a week and I told her when I seen her tonight. Well we began playing around tickling and she leaned in and kissed me. I felt kind of awkward about the situation so I began to shy away and then she put her arms around me and started kissing my neck. I was turned on don't get me wrong but it felt kind of strange cause I knew her so long as a friend. Then when I was about to leave she told me she had fantasized about me when she was with her ex before. I kind of danced around the statement before eventually leaving.

I need help figuring out what I should do?


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  • You have to decide if you want to turn the friendship into something more or not. It seems like she is really interested and attracted to you. I'm not sure if she just wants to hook up or date. You have to figure out what you want first. It's not always easy but that is what needs to be done.


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